Animation - "First" (Region 5 Seminar, partner work)

Claymation, Windows Movie Make Software
*Look at MOVIES !! page for some students examples*

Audio Creation - instructions for students

Software -
*Look at Awesome Stuff for some student/class recordings using vocaroo and audacity.

Audio Editing - Music Mix for Choir Concert

Software - Audacity

Desktop Publishing - Newsletter (M.Ed Coursework)

Microsoft Word

Graphic Design
Logo (Michaud's Music)

Video Creation/Editing - Cyberbully PSA (M.Ed, group project)

Various sound and video files
Slides created on Google Docs
Software - Windows Movie Maker

Pictures and Narration
Software - PhotoStory3

Web Design - "What You See Is What You Get" format

Other Tools
Online Course Format -
Online Gaming - see Favorites for sites we use in class